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Cashmere Marketing... That's Us!

Cashmere Marketing are expert specialists in creative brand marketing and development with the aim of boosting our clients revenue. Tailor-made proposals enable us to be at the forefront of the design and online marketing industries and allow us to work within each clients unique budget. With an array of services on offer, and a dynamic George based staff contingent, we are able to work on all projects, from once off items through to long term retainer contracts.

With our in-depth knowledge, backed by over 10 years of experience, and well established contacts, your unique offering will enjoy dedicated support, which will in turn lead to the establishment of relationships and new opportunities being uncovered.

What Keeps Us Busy...

Graphic Design...

Visually unappealing marketing material suggests a brand that doesn’t take itself seriously, never mind its clients.

We are seasoned in composing high-quality graphic material to perfectly compliment brands. Logos, business cards, company profiles, advertisements, newsletters, and info graphics, are only some of the design products we offer.

With a fresh take on designer trends and a superb eye for detail, our talented design team never leaves a pixel out of place.

Web Development...

A website is the first port of call for any person interested in your brand.

The design of a website speaks for itself. We believe that a good website should capture a person’s attention and never let it go. We are experienced in the design and upkeep of websites, ranging from static to e-commerce.

We don’t just give you a website, we give your site’s users an experience.


A well-run marketing campaign is a highly effective way to grow your business and brand.

We believe in using cost-effective methods to deliver measurable results.

We will ensure that your marketing objectives are not only met, but exceeded.

Event Management...

Even in a uniquely digital era one fact remains unchanged: nothing compares to a real world experience. While we’re not an event company, we do work with our clients to craft-high impact experiences designed to extend their brand personality into the third dimension (secret warehouse beach parties with 12 tons of real sand, anyone?).

Our efforts are laser focused on target demographics and designed to maximize social media impact.

The fact that we get to attend the parties we throw is simply a peripheral benefit.